SICS offers corporate industrial project training which focus on students desires in Research & Development sector. Our students will get an exposure to the live projects and the real time scenarios to manage the projects in an efficient way there by making them eligible for industry standards. In our organization, we encourage our experts to play a facilitator role, in the more advanced levels with their primary role being to guide and assist students in achieving their own individual learning.

Srishti Campus train and deliver project in following Technologies

Srishti Campus offers assistance in

  • BTech mini/main projects for Computer Science & Electronics students.
  • MTech mini/main projects for Computer Science.
  • MCA mini/main projects.
  • BCA main projects.
  • MSc mini/main projects.
  • BSc main projects.

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  • ANDROID Projects
  • iOS Projects
  • Hybrid App Projects
  • PHP Projects
  • Java Projects
  • JSP Projects
  • JEE Projects
  • .Net Projects
  • Cloud Computing Projects
  • IEEE Projects – based on 2015, 2016, 2017 published papers
    • IEEE Projects in Java
    • IEEE Projects in .net
    • IEEE Projects in PHP
    • IEEE Projects in Android
    • IEEE Projects in iOS
  • IOT Projects – Projects on Internet Of Things
  • Electronics Projects
    • Raspberry Pi Projects
    • Arduino UNO Projects

A smart bus tracking system based on location-aware services and QR codes

When it comes to taking the public transportation, time and patience are of essence. In other words, many people using ...
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Design &Development of Car Parking and Automation Billing Systems

In that the input like vehicle number should be give by the customer when they press enter the details will ...
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iShoppe: Easy shopping with iBeacons (Bluetooth Low Energy)

This projects aims at using one of the location based services of iBeacon. iBeacons can be included in shops for ...
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Speak Up Android App

We speak to communicate with the world. Speaking ability is the natural gift for human beings to express him/her to ...
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Android controlled Robot

This is a robot that can be controlled using an app running on an Android phone. The software for the ...
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Android Text Encryption Using Various Algorithms

Users communicate over all social media, but messages are not secured when it passes through network. Intruder can access user’s ...
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ID2S Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols

Password authenticated key exchange (PAKE) is where two or more parties, based only on their knowledge of a password, establish a ...
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Multimedia graphical password

Application of Graphical Password as  Authentication Mechanism ...
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