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Python- The Dynamic language that changes worlds

Wed 03 Mar 2021

Python may sound complex for the faint-hearted. Be assured folks, it is a simple programming language with numerous benefits. Wondering what they might be? Read on to know the real-world applications of python.

  • Desktop GUI

Python allows access to Tkinter which can help developers create better user interfaces. Popular toolkits that come with python programming include Kivy, PYQT, wxWidgets, etc.

  • Web development

The development and deployment of web-based applications are relatively superfluous with python programming. Common-backend logic allows the easier integration of SSL, FTP, HTTPS, etc. The processing of E-mail, XML, and JSON is much faster with python.

  • Gamming applications

Interactive games can become a reality with python. Arguably most famed gaming developers rely on python to develop trending gaming applications. Disney’s Toontown Online, Vega Strike, etc.


  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Most AI users rely on python due to its simplicity. Users can simply understand solutions after they become versed with the code.

  • CAD applications

Computer-Aided Designing has become notorious due to its complexity. However, with python, the applications of Python become a lot easier.

  • Embedded applications

Using python, developers can model Embedded C software for embedded applications. Thereby, higher-level applications can be created easily through python.