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Mean Stack

Mean Stack

srishti campus Mean Stack trivandrum
  • 60 Hrs
  • 90% placement

Learn this end-to-end stack of MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js to gaining popularity for modern web.

  • Mongodb
  •  Introduction to Node JS
  • NodeJS Projects
  • HTTP
  • Angular
  • What is typescript?
  • Interpolation

Get the best MEAN Stack online and offline training

Srishti Campus promises an enriching learning experience with MEAN Stack Online and Offline Training with live session

At Srishti Campus, our faculty of experts promise not just a monotonous routine of classes but also a chance to get placed with 100% assistance and corporate training Extensive knowledge in the Full Stack Web Development Mean Stack course aims to deliver exclusive knowledge in developing web applications. It is one of the most demanding and popular technology concepts used while building a website. It is indisputably one of the most demanding careers in 2022 with the end number of opportunities and pay.

MEAN Stack in Detail

The MEAN Stack course will help you understand multiple skills like MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js, HTML, JavaScript, and GIT to build applications and services with our Full Stack Mean course.

What do you get from Srishti Campus?

Our MERN Stack online training and live sessions provide our candidates with various perks for aspiring web and full-stack developers. The Internship and Certificate courses open up a series of learning options to the candidates.

      ● Practical experience and exposure to various designs and components
      ● Understanding and working with Node JS, JavaScript, Angular, Docker, and Protractor
      ● Learn how to build end-to-end application
      ● Practical exposure on testing and deploying code
      ● Learn data storage using MongoDB

Who should join us?

      ● Students with a background of technical and professional knowledge/degree
      ● Career switchers with an interest in the field of Information and technology
      ● Teachers, trainers, working professionals who would like to upskill themselves and find their luck in the IT domain

Our Key Areas

      ● MEAN Stack Online Training and live session
      ● Interactive Demo Classes
      ● Individual Session/Training
      ● Placement Assistance
      ● Just-in-Time Interview
      ● 100+ course modules and packages
      ● Exclusive Job Portal
      ● Assistance from Industrial Experts
      ● Assessment Segments
srishti campus Mean Stack Internship trivandrum

Mean Stack Internship

  • 45000
  • 365 hrs
  • 90% placement

Learn a Suite of In-Demand Programming Skills Understand MEAN Stack and how to use it effectively · Build Full-Stack Solutions for Mobile and the Web.