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Java Programming


srishti campus Java trivandrum
  • 90 Hrs
  • 99% placement

Utilize our Java classes to learn the basics of programming.

Introduction – what is java, importance of java, java implementation
application of java, sample program & compilation, using block of code,
lexical issues

Data type, operators, control structures
Variables, constants, declaration, literals, scope of variable, type casting,
arithmetic operators, relational operators, logical operators, assignment
operators, increment –decrement operators, conditional operators, bit wise
operators, interface of operators, dot operators, if-else, statement, loops (while,
do-while, for, break, continue, return ) switch statement, operator, array
–declaration, creation, initialization, length, two-dimensional arrays, string-
string arrays, String methods
Introduction of classes, objects and methods
What is class, object & method, defining class, adding variables, adding
methods, creating objects, constructors ‘this’ key word, garbage collection,
finalize() method, accessing class members, inheritance, final variables and
methods, final classes, finalizer methods, abstract methods and classes,
visibility control – public access, friendly access, protected access, private
protected access.

Inheritance, Member access, super class, creating multilevel Hierarchy,
Method over loading & overriding, Abstract class, method, Using final to
prevent overriding & overloading , the object class.

Packages and Interfaces
Defining packages, Access protection, importing packages, defining interfaces.

Exception handling
Exception types, uncaught exceptions, multiple catch clauses, nested try
statements, throw, throws, finally, java’s built-in exceptions, creating your
own exception subclasses.
Method overloading ,method overriding
Multithreaded programming
Creating threads, run()method, new thread, thread class, stopping & blocking
threads, life cycle of thread- newborn, runnable, running, blocked, dead,
waiting sleeping, suspended, blocked, using thread methods, thread exceptions,
thread priority, synchronization.