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The Art Of Communication with Kristu Jyothi College of Management and Technology

Mon 19 Feb 2024
srishti campus The Art Of Communication with Kristu Jyothi College of Management and Technology trivandrum

Skills are extremely important and fine tuning the same before  facing  the industry experiences puts us at a higher pedestal. The one-day skill enhancement training program conducted by the Srishti Campus under LEAD at Kristu Jyothi College of Management and Technology opened the possibilities of skill development areas. The program was attended by postgraduate students from several streams ranging from Msc. Psychology to M.Com. The program covered the significance of communication, team building, and presentation. 
Our team of professionals helped students understand the depths of communication in team building and presentation as it plays a greater role in creating a personal brand. From how you talk to how you react, communication brings a lot of things to the table which is either unsaid or said at the same time. With the help of the One Day Skill Development Program under LEAD, we have opened channels to analyse communication and other related skills to become a better candidate and human beings! 
Here are some glimpses from the interesting session shared with some of the brightest students of the college! 
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Wed 14 Feb 2024

Software Testing is undeniably one of the popular courses to look at while establishing a career in the tech industry. In the changing times of technology and innovation, learn software testing, no more carries the conventional method. Moreover, it brings the scope of making a career successful. If you wish to become a software tester, join Srishti Campus for its effective classes. 

What Exactly is Software Testing

Software testing briefly signifies the process of testing and evaluating the functionalities of software to ensure whether the built one meets the client’s requirements. 

In the consecutive method, the software tester checks if the final product is error-free.

 Generally, there are two software testing methodologies used, namely manual and automation, along with different testing approaches and types. 

Srishti Campus is the best software testing training institute to pursue a career. 

Why is Software Testing Important

Software Testing is an imperative feature and functionality that can’t be missed if the business has to maintain a strong clientele relationship. Learn Software Testing course in Trivandrum

Some of the benefits that come under software testing include 

  1. Improvement of the quality of the product 
  2. Error-free software 
  3. Seamless accessibility 
  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction 
  5. Identifies defects 
  6. Increases scalability 
  7. Profitable 

How to Become a Software Develope

To become a software developer is a step-by-step process. In the process of becoming one, you need to keep these things in mind. 

  1. Identify your goals and aspiration 
  2. Upskill with a programming language 
  3. Develop your expertise or technology niche 
  4. Build a data or portfolio of your work and practices 
  5. Develop technical and non technical skills 
  6. Join courses 

To enhance all the above-mentioned skills, join Srishti campus for the best software testing training in Trivandrum

iOS vs Android: Successful Journey of Mobile App Development!

Tue 06 Feb 2024
srishti campus iOS vs Android: Successful Journey of Mobile App Development! trivandrum

In the fastest world of mobile technology, the debate between Android and iOS continues to capture the attention of people alike. The decision between these two major mobile operating systems is crucial when entrepreneurs aim to maximize their Return on Investment. The Srishti campus provides the best Android and iOS development training and placement support in the notched IT companies. The main differences, advantages, and drawbacks of Android and iOS in the mobile app development journey are;


The Benefits of Mobile App Development


Before delving into the comparison between Android and iOS, it's important to recognize the positive impacts that mobile app development can have on businesses. Mobile app development offers numerous benefits in today's digital era. Firstly, it enhances accessibility and convenience, allowing businesses to reach their target audience anytime, anywhere, thereby increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. Mobile apps facilitate brand visibility and recognition, providing a direct marketing channel for businesses to promote their products or services. They also enable personalized experiences through user data analysis, fostering customer loyalty and retention. Furthermore, mobile apps can streamline internal processes, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. Overall, investing in mobile app development empowers businesses to stay competitive in the dynamic market, adapt to evolving consumer preferences, and ultimately drive growth and success.


The Realm of iOS App Development


iOS app development involves creating mobile apps for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The Software is typically crafted using Swift or Objective-C and then made available on the App Store for users to download. While iOS development poses certain challenges, such as the requirement for a Mac computer and rigorous quality inspections, the extensive user base of Apple devices worldwide makes it an attractive choice for businesses targeting iPhone and iPad users.


Diving into the World of Android App Development


 Android app development focuses on creating applications for the Android operating system, developed by Google and used on various devices. The process requires thoughtful planning, and businesses can benefit from the expertise of an Android application development company to create tailored applications based on their specific needs.


The Key Contrasts in iOS and Android Development


When comparing iOS and Android development, the choice of programming languages is a major factor that sets them apart. iOS development primarily relies on Objective-C and Swift, while Android development predominantly uses Java and Kotlin. This language difference not only reflects the historical preferences of each platform but also shapes the technical stacks and ecosystems associated with them. Objective-C, originally used for iOS development, has evolved into Swift, which offers modern features and improved performance. Conversely, Java has traditionally been the language of choice for Android, but Kotlin has gained popularity due to its concise syntax, safety features, and compatibility with existing Java code. These language disparities necessitate different skill sets and development environments, with iOS developers typically using Xcode and Android developers preferring Android Studio. Each platform has unique design guidelines and distribution methods, further distinguishing the development experiences between iOS and Android. The journey of mobile app development, whether on iOS or Android, presents challenges and opportunities for businesses seeking to maximize their investment returns in the ever-evolving digital era. While both platforms offer significant benefits, including enhanced accessibility, brand visibility, personalized experiences, and streamlined operations, the choice between iOS and Android development requires careful consideration of target audience demographics, technical requirements, and market dynamics. 

Understanding the nuances of each platform, including the programming languages, development environments, and design guidelines, is essential for creating successful mobile applications that resonate with users and drive business growth. Srishti Campus provides best Android training in TrivandrumUltimately, investing in mobile app development empowers businesses to adapt to changing consumer preferences, stay competitive in the market, and achieve sustainable success in the ever-expanding mobile ecosystem. We, Srishti Campus, help you with the right expertise and strategic approach in learning and choosing between Android and iOS and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth. 


Unveiling the Future of PHP: An Amazing Career Path in Web Development

Wed 31 Jan 2024
srishti campus Unveiling the Future of PHP: An Amazing Career Path in Web Development trivandrum

In the fast-changing world of web development,PHP serves as the foundation for web development, with a growing emphasis on generating dynamic content. We, Srishti Campus, provide comprehensive insights for constructing a career path in PHP. 

Decoding PHP: The Essence of this Dynamic Scripting Language

PHP, an open-source scripting language, holds a pivotal role in web development. Operating on the server-side, PHP empowers developers to undertake diverse tasks, from collecting form data to crafting dynamic page content. Its ability to seamlessly connect to databases and transfer information to web servers for HTML display sets it apart. PHP boasts advanced features, including flexibility, speed, security, efficiency, simplicity, and familiarity.

PHP's Compatibility Across Operating Systems 

One of PHP's strengths lies in its compatibility with major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and various variants. Operating as a GCI processor or a module, PHP gives developers the freedom to choose web servers and operating systems based on project requirements.

Compelling Reasons to Choose a Career Path in PHP

  • Excellent Development Tool:

  • PHPPHP is a favored development tool globally, with major IT companies like Meta, IBM, and Yahoo relying on it for website development. The widespread use of PHP opens up numerous career opportunities for developers.
  • Ease of Learning:

  • PHP'sPHP's syntax, based on Java and C, makes it relatively easy to learn, making it an ideal starting point for beginners. Abundant training facilities cater to those seeking to acquire PHP skills.
  • Open Source Advantage:

  • AsAs an open-source scripting language, PHP is freely available, reducing development costs and encouraging collaboration within the community.
  • Support for OOP (Object-Oriented Programming):

  • PHP's support for OOP features such as inheritance, polymorphism, and data encapsulation aligns it with languages like Java and C++, enhancing code organization and reusability
  • Framework Capability:

  • PHP's frameworks, including Zend, Symfony, and Laravel, facilitate code reuse, leading to quicker application development with fewer errors. This framework potential makes PHP a popular choice among developers
  • Compiler-Based Applications:

  • PHP's versatility allows seamless translation of applications developed in other languages through extensions. This flexibility, combined with compiler-based languages like HTML and JavaScript, broadens PHP's application spectrum.

  • Flexibility and Dynamism:

  • PHP's flexibility enables developers to customize and configure applications based on client requirements. Code reusability and open-source nature expedite the implementation of various graphic design elements into existing applications.

As businesses continue their digital transformations, PHP remains constant in the realm of web development. Choosing a career path in PHP not only aligns with industry demands but also offers a gateway to a dynamic and rewarding profession. With its ease of learning, open-source advantage, and robust framework support, PHP stands as a beacon for aspiring developers venturing into the world of dynamic web content creation. Embark on a PHP career path with Srishti Campus, the best PHP training in Trivandrum, and be at the forefront of shaping the digital future.

MERN Stack: Unveiling Successful Career Opportunities

Mon 22 Jan 2024
srishti campus MERN Stack: Unveiling Successful Career Opportunities trivandrum

The MERN stack has emerged as a significant career hope in the ever-evolving web development landscape. Delving into the individual components of the MERN stack, knowing the functionalities, and exploring the distinctive advantages of this technology helps students who dream of building a career in it. We, at Srishti campus, provide the best training in Mern stack to unleash students' career opportunities. The most used MERN components are ;

1.MongoDB: A Flexible Document Database

MongoDB is the foundation, offering developers a flexible document database that leverages JavaScript and employs JSON syntax for efficient data storage. Its accessibility makes it a preferred choice for developers seeking a versatile solution.

2.Express.js: Empowering Back-End Development

Express.js, a robust back-end framework, is designed for constructing web applications and APIs. Emphasizing code reusability and boasting a thriving Node.js community, Express.js plays a pivotal role in the MERN stack.

3.React: Mastering Front-End Development

React is a JavaScript library specializing in front-end development for mobile and web applications. Its capabilities make it an indispensable tool for crafting visually appealing and responsive user interfaces.

4.Node.js: Unleashing JavaScript Runtime

Node.js employs the JavaScript runtime to facilitate scalable web application development. With access to a wealth of open-source libraries, Node.js empowers developers to build dynamic and efficient applications.

Advantages of Mastering MERN Stack for a Successful Career

Mastering the MERN stack equips developers with the skills for full-stack development. This versatility helps them become professionals capable of seamlessly handling front-end and back-end development tasks.

  • Enhancing Employability

In the competitive job market, companies prefer hiring full-stack developers proficient in managing both ends of web development. MERN's integration of four frameworks into a cohesive package amplifies developers' employability.

  • Open-Source Advantage

The open-source nature of all MERN stack frameworks eliminates concerns related to proprietary licensing. Developers can leverage the full potential of MERN, fostering a collaborative and innovative development environment.

  • Accessibility and Learning Simplified

Relying on a single language, JavaScript streamlines the learning curve for MERN developers. Abundant online resources and tutorials facilitate a swift and accessible learning process, making MERN an attractive choice for skill expansion.

  • Lucrative Career Prospects

Tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook actively seek full-stack developers skilled in MERN. The trend of hiring remote developers further broadens opportunities, offering competitive salaries and attractive starting packages. Venturing into MERN stack development opens doors to a rewarding and prosperous career. Proficiency in this versatile and in-demand stack becomes an investment in your future-proof career. The upcoming full-stack developers can kickstart their career journey by enrolling in a MEAN stack development course at Srishti Campus, and we will help unlock a world of possibilities in the dynamic field of web development. Embark on your MERN journey today!