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The basics of digital marketing

Fri 12 Mar 2021
srishti campus The basics of digital marketing trivandrum

Digital marketing refers to various forms of advertising conducted through digital mediums. The digital mediums can be emails, social media, mobile apps, websites, search engines, etc. Seemingly, digital marketing has grown prominence over traditional marketing. As millennial interests have become digitalized, brand inquiries happen first over the internet.

 What digital marketing comprises of?

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO helps firm advertise their brand at the top of search engine searches using optimization. Moreover, firms can showcase their content to the right audience through aggressive campaigns.
  • Paid search: Pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search allows brands to sponsor their products at the top spots of the search engine results page (SERP). The ads are chargeable at every click. These highly intelligent processes create advertisements that specifically meet consumer requirements.
  • Social media marketing: Aggressive marketing campaigns can also occur in the social media handles of brands. Social media advertising campaigns can result in peer-peer engagements of the advertised product.
  • Content marketing: Content marketing helps brands to only to advertise but to educate and generate awareness to consumers on particular niches. Content marketing can generate more organic search leads than paid ones.
  • Email marketing: Emails help brands to communicate with customers most quickly. Marketing emails must be crafted with strategic, conversational, trustworthy, and relevant content to attract customers.


Why brands choose digital marketing?

  • Highly affordable
  • Accessible
  • Greater flexibility
  • Interactivity
  • multimedia

Latest Updates to Automation in 2021

Thu 11 Mar 2021
srishti campus Latest Updates to Automation in 2021 trivandrum

The ongoing pandemic has ushered momentous changes in the business environment. Well, automation has had brighter prospects with the pandemic. This post will evaluate the newer trends to watch in automation for the upcoming year.

  1. New automation techniques post COVID-19

The pandemic had imposed severe quarantine conditions that limited human-human interaction. Thereby, firms began to realize the ubiquitous benefits of implementing automation in their respective workplaces. Automation proved beneficial to firms that were looking for customer retention. In the pandemic scenario, touchless interactions between firms and clients became possible with automation.

  1. Reduced complexity

Many of the firms love to integrate automated concepts in their internal workflows. However, the sheer complexity of it dissuades them from completely adopting it. With automation becoming a normative concept in 2021, the complexity of automation is only expected to reduce.

  1. The simultaneous growth of automation and orchestration

The year is predicted to improve the cross-domain automated workflows of orchestration. Orchestration simply refers to the automated management, and configuration, applications, coordination of computer systems, and services.

  1. Matured tools for Kubernetes

Automated tools like Kubernetes will have more maturity due to the rising demands of automation. To put in more precisely, the deployment process of Kubernetes will have major changes.  

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The Chatbot Trends to watch in 2021

Tue 09 Mar 2021
srishti campus The Chatbot Trends to watch in 2021 trivandrum

Firms have now become fully recognized for the amazing possibilities of chatbots. Seemingly, chatbots book meetings, offer support, collect information, and much more. Due to the endless dynamics of chatbots, 2021 will have new trends for them. So, what are they? Let’s take a look around with this article.

  1. Human intervention in chatbot conversations

Most customers may have reservations about talking to dull robots. Hence, firms have begun to recognize the importance of crafting messages that are appealing to customers. Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help the humanization process of chatbots easier.

  1. Expected growth of chatbots in messaging platforms

Integration of chatbots in messaging platforms invites many benefits for firms. Earlier, they had to hire employees to conduct live chats with prospective customers. However, chatbots save firms money and time.

  1. More customer-oriented relationships

Customer handling becomes quicker and easier with chatbots. Chatbots help firms in the customer retention process. They help organizations collect and aggregate consumer feedbacks quickly. This helps in a faster decision-making process.

  1. Internal workflows becoming more streamlined

Other than customers, chatbots can also improve employee engagement processes. Thereby, support agents can dedicate their time to more complicated tasks. Employees can rely on chatbots to clear their queries.

  1. HR processes such as recruitment: HR is becoming acquainted with the seeming possibilities of Chatbot integration in respective firms. Chatbots are becoming highly reliant on normative HR tasks such as filtering and screening candidates during the recruitment process can become lot easier with Chatbots.  


The know-hows of blockchain technology

Fri 05 Mar 2021
srishti campus The know-hows of blockchain technology  trivandrum

Distributed Ledger Technology or rather Blockchain technology, is becoming the new norm of techies. So what exactly is Blockchain technology? Blockchain technology simply refers to a database. However, it has several points of differences that make it different from nominal databases. Let’s get into those facts next.

Data structuring is different in normal databases and blockchain technology. The structuring format of blockchains is entirely different from existing databases. The data chucks where data storage occurs form connective links. Yes, you guessed it right! That’s where blockchain technology gets its name from.

 Blockchain also adopts decentralization in its processes. This is actually helpful during the event of data tampering. The interconnected blockchains cross-reference each other to supplicate lost or missing data. Bitcoin uses blockchain and relies on this specific feature of blockchain technology to make things work.

Due to its decentralized characteristic, the processes of blockchain technology is intrinsically transparent. With blockchain explorers, connected chains can view each other’s processes. Now, that makes one wonder about the security aspect of Blockchain. Well, blockchain is secure from hackers or other cyber criminals due to its interconnectivity. A hacker who attempts to tamper with information will have to attempt the same with all blocks encoded in the chain. Else, the version he has tampered with will stand out.

Python- The Dynamic language that changes worlds

Wed 03 Mar 2021
srishti campus Python- The Dynamic language that changes worlds trivandrum

Python may sound complex for the faint-hearted. Be assured folks, it is a simple programming language with numerous benefits. Wondering what they might be? Read on to know the real-world applications of python.

  • Desktop GUI

Python allows access to Tkinter which can help developers create better user interfaces. Popular toolkits that come with python programming include Kivy, PYQT, wxWidgets, etc.

  • Web development

The development and deployment of web-based applications are relatively superfluous with python programming. Common-backend logic allows the easier integration of SSL, FTP, HTTPS, etc. The processing of E-mail, XML, and JSON is much faster with python.

  • Gamming applications

Interactive games can become a reality with python. Arguably most famed gaming developers rely on python to develop trending gaming applications. Disney’s Toontown Online, Vega Strike, etc.


  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Most AI users rely on python due to its simplicity. Users can simply understand solutions after they become versed with the code.

  • CAD applications

Computer-Aided Designing has become notorious due to its complexity. However, with python, the applications of Python become a lot easier.

  • Embedded applications

Using python, developers can model Embedded C software for embedded applications. Thereby, higher-level applications can be created easily through python.