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Top Five Mobile App Development Technologies for Startups

Mon 12 Apr 2021
srishti campus Top Five Mobile App Development Technologies for Startups trivandrum

Mobile apps are transforming business everywhere. As more and more businesses are venturing into virtual platforms, mobile app development is seeing increasing demand. So, what is the basic process of these app development processes? What are the technologies used to create your favorite apps?  Here, we present to you the top 5 technologies that mobile app development companies are using to develop creative applications.

  1. Python

Python is one of the oldest technologies to find its application in mobile app development. Most developers still prefer the technology due to its numerous benefits. It is open-source, dynamic, and object-oriented. A programmer with little programming skills can make live projects with the language.

  1. Kotlin

It is a statistically typed, cross-platform, and general-purpose programming language. Kotlin teams with Java to create amazing mobile applications for businesses. The language has many features that attract developers. It is highly precise and safe with large tool support characteristics.

  1. Flutter

Flutter is becoming a highly sought-after technology due to its differentiated application. Flutter enables developers to run applications on cross platforms. More commonly used Google Ads is a flutter product.

  1. Swift

Swift is a common mobile application developing language for platforms like iPad OS, Linux, watchOS, macOS, etc. Swift gives developers outstanding features that make it an easy-to-use interface in leading mobile platforms.

  1. React Native

React native will lead the future of mobile app development technologies. Startups can make the right investments in react native by developing applications that are compatible with the language.

Ecommerce strategies to make big wins in market

Mon 12 Apr 2021
srishti campus Ecommerce strategies to make big wins in market trivandrum

Ecommerce has become the trending option to conduct businesses. With the COVID pandemic, stakes have been never higher for eCommerce sellers to compete for consumer interests. We will explore the top winning strategies that can make your business trending on eCommerce platforms.

  1. Create Google Ads

Ad platforms like Google shopping can attract consumers at relatively low costs. Google shopping allows online vendors to get targeted traffic that is organic. Google’s showcasing shopping ads has already helped retailers gain a horde of the consumer base.

  1. Make use of structured markup language

Schema or structured markup language can bring huge amounts of traffic to eCommerce websites. Schemas can also add rank-boosting to the eCommerce page, offering them a top spot at page listings.

  1. Innovate voice search features

Most consumers have long neglected hand typing and use voice searches to Google their preferences. Ecommerce sites should optimize their voice search features to channelize substantial amounts of traffic to their respective sites.

  1. Improve site speed

A site that takes ages to load can drive away any potential customer!! It is a huge turn-off for shopaholics to see their favorite sites taking forever to load. So, check with your backend team and improve the speed of your site.

  1. Create content-rich videos

Creating attractive content-rich videos can engage customers proactively. Trust us, brands across the world save millions of bucks by creating engaging videos!! Content-rich videos can extend the time of site visits of consumers and save brands millions on digital ads.

COVID changes E-commerce habits forever

Thu 18 Mar 2021
srishti campus COVID changes E-commerce habits forever   trivandrum

The ongoing novel corona pandemic has affected e-commerce, brick and mortar, B2B, and B2C businesses alike. The COVID pandemic has also altered the buying habits of consumers. From online purchases to bulk buying, we have seen consumers trying to withstand long quarantines with engaging pastimes.

As many countries instituted tough lockdown conditions, consumers saw online shopping portals as the only channel to meet their purchase needs. While shopaholics certainly missed the pleasure of walking their own shop aisles, eCommerce sites assured people of the necessities of survival.

Moreover, many firms began to fully understand the positive effect of having an online portal. With the pandemic ravaging normal life patterns, many firms took the monumental decision of going digital. Consequently, digital empowerment allowed firms to stay afloat in future pandemic conditions as well.

COVID brought basic necessities to the doorstep of consumers. Thereby, e-commerce became the most exploited digital innovation of the century. Moreover, experts forecast that the digital changes brought on by the COVID pandemic are to stay on forever. This clearly heralds a new era of digital empowerment for firms. Ecommerce platforms will become robust platforms for trading activities.

Upcoming trends for Internet of Things (IoT)

Wed 17 Mar 2021
srishti campus Upcoming trends for Internet of Things (IoT) trivandrum

Industry experts forecast IoT to have endless applications for the year 2021. Since its inception, IoT has grown exceptionally. It has become a diver for productivity and sustainability. With firms becoming more digitally empowered, the full scope of IoT is projected to expand further. Here are the latest IoT trends that you can watch out for the upcoming year:

  1. New trends of Internet of Behavior

The COVID pandemic forced firms to explore remote possibilities. Essentially, firms sought to become digitally empowered to remain operational in their respective environments. Moreover, firms are also becoming increasingly reliant on technologies to predict consumer behavior. IoT offers a people-centric approach to firms to market their activities.

  1. IoT investments in healthcare

Telemedicine offered numerous possibilities to clinicians to treat patients during tough pandemic times. Telemedicine offers clinicians the choice of treating patients remotely. Concurrently, IoT allowed Remote Patient Monitoring to be the new healthcare norm of the healthcare industry. Moreover, consumer interest also has grown in digital health devices. Experts posit a positive growth for digital health devices in the upcoming future.

  1. IoT applications in manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has begun to harness the possibilities of IoT. Remote operations have enabled firms to continue their activities even during quarantine conditions. Experts forecast that industries will incorporate more digitalization in their various functions.

Get to know the new features JDK 16

Tue 16 Mar 2021
srishti campus Get to know the new features JDK 16  trivandrum

Java Development Kit (JDK) 16 is set to release in March. After the release, JDK 16 stabilization repository can host any top priority (PI) bug fixings. Developers are already on the lookout for the recent updations that are to be part of the series

 For availing of the early access of JDK, developers can visit jdk.java.net. Like its predecessors, JDK 16 will only be available for a period of six months. However, it is expected to be a long-term support release to occur this year. The last long-term support release was JDK 11 which got released in September 2018.

So, what to expect in the new release of JDK 16?

  • Transition to Github
  • The transition of Open JDK source code repositories to Git from Mercurial
  • Offering jpackaging tools which are useful for self-contained Java applications
  • Pattern matching to allow common logic in a program
  • Allowing foreign memory access API
  • Integration of  Unix-domain socket channels
  • Offers records classes
  • Integration of the language features from C++14


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