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An MOU to Support, Experience, and Uplift

Wed 27 Jul 2022
srishti campus An MOU to Support, Experience, and Uplift trivandrum

It was yet another benchmark for Srishti Campus in its flourishing career of fourteen years. We signed an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding, with one of the leading technical colleges of Kerala, The Younus College of Engineering and Technology. With this agreement, the campus has not only signed in for excellent training and experience, but also a space that promises career growth, a bright future, and future-ready students for the industry. 


What does it Promise? 


The Memorandum of Understanding with Younus College of Engineering and Technology (YCET) is an agreement solidifying our corporate and technical training for its incredible pool of students who look forward to creating the best of their career, knowledge, and skills. 

The college authorities and administration were kind enough to invite us to the program and give us the greatest opportunity to explain and exhibit what Srishti Campus has been doing for the past decade to build a promising career and future.  


To turn the agreement into a pragmatic achievement, our experienced trainers will impart their support and knowledge to the college's first-year students until their graduation, including the final academic project. 


Srishti Campus positively looks forward to creating an amazing yet inquisitive space for the students to think critically, analyze, and craft their engineering ideas into live ones. 


Why is Python Programming popular in 2022?

Mon 18 Jul 2022
srishti campus Why is Python Programming popular in 2022? trivandrum

Are you thinking of trying your hands at software training? Then the options are multiple today. Of the series of options available, Python is the most demanding career of the present day. For its apparent reasons, this programming language has gained popularity among engineering and non-technical graduates and career switchers. 

Its ease of use and versatility is why people seeking IT jobs chose Python. Before explaining further in-depth, let us brief you about the program. 


What is Python ? 


Python is a prevalent programming language that fits beginner as well as experienced programmers. It is in fact a high-level and general-purpose programming language used for even contemporary technologies like machine learning, data science and game development. 

Undoubtedly, Python is a hot cake in the IT industry. Adding to this, learning and gaining expertise in the language can open doors to a career spike and greater opportunities. To make a beginning, the Srishti campus is one of the best software training centers that provide both online and offline python training centre in Trivandrum

Here are the reasons why Python is the most in-demand programming language of 2022. 


  1. Easiest language out there 


When Python programming was created in the 1980s, its founder Guido Van Rossum ensured that the newly designed programming language came with ease of use. Its easy syntax and lesser complexity are a reason why Python is always in-demand. 

 In fact, anybody without in-depth knowledge of the language can learn it because of its easy syntax and similarity to the English language. 

To know more, enrol at Srishti Campus, the best software training center. 


  1. Numerous frameworks and libraries 


Having a lot of frameworks and libraries always helps a developer to make a task easy and faster. The developers accordingly use these frameworks and libraries effectively. Python designs multiple frameworks and libraries for fields like Pandas, Bokeh, PyTorch, etc. 


  1. A huge helping community 


  If you are somebody who needs a brushup and has very less idea about Python programming, do not worry. Python has one of the most supportive and elaborate communities of developers out there. The community often answers the language-specific encounters. The quick answers from them often lead to faster and long-lasting results. 


  1. Data Science, AI, Machine Learning and Python 


Used in almost all fields, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can never be ignored. It is, in fact, heavily used in data science as it contains special libraries that can make data science even more effective. The frameworks and libraries used range from NumPy, Selenium, Pillow, Madmom, and the like, 

When it comes to machine learning and algorithms, Python makes analysis tasks efficient and has an excellent base of algorithms and functions. 

Looking forward to ace in Python programming, join Srishti Campus and unlock the doors of multiple career possibilities.

Questions every Beginner Android Developer should Answer

Fri 08 Jul 2022
srishti campus Questions every Beginner Android Developer should Answer trivandrum

Android is an open-sourced operating system used mainly on mobile phones and tablets. Due to its popular use, becoming an android developer holds a lot of potential in creating a career.

A fresher Android developer will likely face a set of questions during the interview. Joining a software training centre can help one with understanding Android programming

Here are a few questions that often take rounds in the interview segment. 


What do you understand by Android ? 

Android is an open-sourced operating system which is a Linux-based operating system. Commonly used on mobile phones and tablets, Android is a Kernel-based system that provides developers the flexibility to design and create different types of applications. To deep dive into Android development, doing an android training can provide great experience in the software.

1.What does Android Architecture mean ? 

The different layers in the Android stack are known as Android architecture. Consisting of middleware, operating systems, and applications, every layer provides different functions and services to the layers above. It is made up of four key components namely: 


  • Libraries 


  • Android Framework 


  • Android Applications 


  • Linux Kernels 


To understand clear concepts about Android, Srishti Campus is the best software training centre

2.Name the languages used to build android ? 

The languages used to build android programming are Java, Kotlin, C#, Python, and other languages like C++, AIDE, HTML, C4droid, etc. 

For better learning, join Srishti Campus and experience an excellent online android training

3.What are some of the basic tools used to develop Android? 

The tools used to develop Android system 

  1. SDK Tools 
  2. Eclipse+ADT Plugin 
  3. JDK 


Join Srishti Campus and learn how to create the best android system! 


4.What do you understand by the term AAPT 

AAPT is the acronym for Android Asset Packaging Tool, which allows the developer to create, view, and update archives compatible with ZIP. It is also the default tool of the Android SDK to pack all resources and classes in an APK file. 


5.What is an ANR ? 

ANR stands for Application Not Responding, a dialogue box that comes when the application experiences unresponsiveness due to multiple functions that perform at a time. 


6.What is Toast? Explain with Syntax 

Toast is a message that comes in a dialogue box on the screen. It is used to show the status of the operation initiated by the user. The pop-up dialogue box covers the space of a message without disrupting the user's activity. The notification vanishes time and again without accepting interaction events.


Top Angular Interview Questions for Freshers to make you look Confident!

Tue 28 Jun 2022
srishti campus Top Angular Interview Questions for Freshers to make you look Confident!  trivandrum

After getting trained as an Angular developer, the next step is to grab the best opportunity. Cracking interviews is one major step in getting your dream job as an Angular developer

The interviews test not only your subject knowledge but also your presence of mind. 

To confidently face interviews, proper grooming is necessary, and this can be offered by some of the best software training institutes

On the other hand, here are some of the popular questions asked in an interview if you are a fresher and angular developer


  1. What do you understand about Angular? 


Angular is a framework based on TypeScript, which is alhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1cBc8D4vW5HE6x1cXdeQ5F6E6-yHSXnj6w0umA9diFJ8/edit?usp=sharingso an open-source web application. It was developed and maintained by Google along with easy and powerful methods of building front-end-web-based applications. 

Angular uses HTML syntax to clearly express the application components with clarity.


  1. What are the main uses of Angular? 


The Angular framework is ideally used to create Single Page Applications or SPA. The framework provides modules that are ready-to-use. These modules further help in simplifying the development of applications that are of a single page. Angular is also regarded as a full-fledged web framework because of features like type safety, modular CLI, built-in data.


  1. Can you explain some of the services available with Angular? 


Services are basically the singleton objects present in Angular, in the instance for once in the timeline of an application. The Angular service has methods in maintaining the data throughout  the application. The first and foremost task of the Angular service is to prepare and share business logic, data, and models with the features of angular application. 

To learn the in-depth about Angular, some of the best software training centres help the way out. 


  1. What templates are used in Angular? 


HTML is used as a template for the Angular framework. The reason behind using the template is its Angular- specific elements and attributes. To have a dynamic view to the user, the HTML templates are clubbed with the information that comes from the model and controller. 


  1. Can you explain some advantages and disadvantages of Angular?


Here are some of the advantages of Angular: 


  1. Excellent community support
  2. Comes with exceptional features like animation and event handlers 
  3. It is supported by an MVC pattern
  4. Can add a custom directive 


Here are some of the disadvantages of Angular: 


  1. The dynamic applications might not perform good all the time 
  2. Becoming an expert in Angular takes good time and work 
  3. SPA’s that are complex can make it laggy. 


Being an Angular developer is not an easy task and the effort involved in becoming an expert is long. An excellent personal training that helps the candidate can surely help you to achieve your goals of becoming an expert. Srishti Campus is one of the best software training centres in Trivandrum and enrolling here can get you at the places you wished for! Come join to srishti canpus, for the best Angular training centre in Trivandrum!

Did you know that an Academic Internship can land you a job?

Fri 17 Jun 2022
srishti campus Did you know that an Academic Internship can land you a job? trivandrum

Have you ever been puzzled by what to do after your engineering degree? The academic internship is an indisputable answer. It provides newly graduated students with a gateway to the tech companies of the market. The real-time experience in a working environment will help the students to get an idea about work culture. 

Here are a few things you need to note down while joining an internship. 


  1. Exposure: Let's break the ice. Working in a corporate IT  company is not easy. Work pressure and hands-on experience would rather help you to excel at work. It is when internships come into play. Exposure to mini and academic projects will help the candidate to sail smoothly with the work structure. Organizations like Srishti Campus help students to groom by providing hands-on training before stepping into the IT universe. 


  1.  Add on to resume: Academic interviews provide you with an experience with the work structure. Once gained, they can be added to your resume. It boosts your resume and paves the way to land your dream job with ease. The certification provided adds immense value to the juncture of your career. Srishti campus, situated at Technopark, Trivandrum, helps you with all the factors needed to get the right job. Their certified pieces of training are a perk. 


  1.  Upgrade your skill: There is no other way than an academic internship to learn and own a skill. By exposing yourself to all the challenges, you will be eventually upgrading and enhancing new skills. Coming out of your comfort zone is a necessity in a working environment, and internships help you get through it. 


  1.  Budding networks: Once you are out of college, networks are essential for a job, and internships provide you with many of them. They help you to establish networks with professionals that turn into useful areas in your career. Reference, testimonials, relationships, and even recommendations from the internship help you get the job you searched for.