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Mon 20 Mar 2023
srishti campus MEAN OR MERN- WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE IN 2023 trivandrum

In software technologies, application stack development has taken an important juncture. Application stack development has undergone one of the greatest changes in the last decade. The web pages we see are made with frontend and back-end, which are developed by the software developers. To learn in-depth about the development areas of the web application, joining the best software training centre is pivotal. 

The front end comprises the visual data you see as a user, whereas the back end comprises server-side programming and the database. On top of it, the technology stack consists of a set of tools and frameworks to make good software that performs efficiently. As far as frontend frameworks go, MEAN uses Angular, while MERN uses React Js. For enterprise-level architectures, MEAN is more popular than MERN for smaller applications.

Learning MEA and MERN helps to have a successful career in IT and the best React training institute helps in the same. 

Here is a quick look at what is better for 2023! 

A Quick Look At  MEAN Stack 

  • MongoDB is used as the database
  • Express.js is used as the backend framework
  • Angular is used as the frontend framework
  • Node.js is used as the runtime environment

Advantages Of Using MEAN Stack 

  • Angular provides strong typing and robust tools for building large-scale applications
  • MongoDB is highly scalable and flexible
  • Node.js provides high performance and scalability
  • Mean stack is a complete solution for building full-stack web applications

Disadvantages Of Using Mean Stack 

  • Angular has a steep learning curve for beginners
  • MongoDB is less suitable for highly transactional systems
  • Mean stack requires knowledge of both Angular and Node.js, which can be challenging

A Quick Look At MERN Stack

  • MongoDB as the database
  • Express.js as the backend framework
  • React as the frontend framework
  • Node.js as the runtime environment

Advantages Of MERN Stack 

  • React is highly flexible and efficient for building user interfaces
  • MongoDB is highly scalable and flexible
  • Node.js provides high performance and scalability
  • Mern stack is a complete solution for building full-stack web applications

Disadvantages of MERN Stack 

  • React can be complex for beginners
  • MongoDB is less suitable for highly transactional systems
  • Mern stack requires knowledge of both React and Node.js, which can be challenging

In summary, Mean and Mern are viable options for building full-stack web applications in 2023. The choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences, your team’s experience and your skill set. To become an expert in Mean and Mern full stack, Join Srishti Campus, the best React training institute in India, for the best experience in learning the language.


Tue 31 Jan 2023

Python is a highly demanding language, and its soaring popularity has made it even more desirable in the programming world.  Speaking of the numbers, there are ideally 8.2 million Python users, according to SlashData. Adding up, if you expect to become a data scientist, Python unfurls more opportunities in your career. If you are looking to start a career in IT, choose Srishti Campus for the best Python training centre in Trivandrum, Kerala

To bolster your career as a data scientist, here are the top five Python libraries you need to check! 

TensorFlow: Specifically used for high performance, TensorFlow facilitates numerical computations with nearly 35,000 comments. It also has an excellent and responsive community with more than 1000+ contributors. It is a framework used solely for designing, running, and computing involving tensors.  TensorFlow is ideally the perfect fit for applications requiring speech and image recognition, time-series analysis, and video detection. 

NumPy: A powerful N-dimensional array object is included in NumPy, the Python library for numerical computation. GitHub has around 18,000 comments and 700 active contributors. It provides high-performance multidimensional objects called arrays as well as tools for working with them. As well as providing multidimensional arrays, NumPy also provides functions and operators that operate efficiently on these arrays. 

Matplotlib: With extremely interesting and intense visualisations, Matplotlib has a plotting library for Python consisting of around 26,000 comments on GitHub. Along with that, it also has a vibrant community of around 700 contributors. It is extensively used for data visualisation due to the graphs and plots it produces. Furthermore, it provides an object-oriented API for embedding those plots into applications. 

SciPy: Scientific Python or SciPy is yet another free and open source of Python Library exclusive for data scientists and science. It is solely used for high-level computations. On GitHub, SciPy has around 19,000 comments and about 600 contributors. As it extends NumPy, it is exclusively used for scientific and technical calculations. 

Keras: Keras is yet another famous library used a lot for deep learning and neural network modules. It supports and assists TensorFlow and Theano at the backends, making it the best choice if one wants to use something other than the former. The library also provides an elaborate prelabeled dataset which can be used to directly import and load. 

These libraries not only strengthen the Python framework’s use and applications but also help you to become well-versed in this much demanded software language. To know and learn more about Python language, enroll to one of the best software training institutes in India and unfurl different scopes of learning Python language.

Will a 3 Month Python Program Help Me In Getting A Job?

Thu 15 Dec 2022
srishti campus Will a 3 Month Python Program Help Me In Getting A Job? trivandrum

Python is strongly looked up to among the communities of techies. With its innumerable scopes in the technical diaspora to create and assist multi-faceted technologies, Python is undisputedly the champion when it comes to learning and upgrading yourself. With its popularity, the programming language also helps with sectors like web development, programming, data science, and the like. 


However, learning and understanding this popular programming language can be more accessible and less complex than you might have thought. In fact, learning Python is now possible within three months of joining a software training centre. If you are in search of one, Srishti Campus provides the best Python training in Trivandrum through online and offline classes.


This article will debunk the confusion about learnPython in three months.



Bring In Your Input


Python programming, one of the popular computer languages, has multiple doors opened for every person to learn. One can easily get accessibility to Python training with the help of old-school methodologies of books which is always a great kickstart. It is, in fact, one of the greatest ways to learn about Python programming in a budget friendly and amazing way. 


Online Sources 


Almost everything under the sun is now available on the internet. Youtube is one of the biggest sources from where you can get multiple and unimaginable lessons and tutorials on Python programming. The number of channels and accounts made for software training is staggering, and learning about Python is easy and free! The helpful content can also help you enter Python communities where discussions on the language are rampant. 


Join a Python Training Centre 


There is nothing as convenient to learn Python in three months than joining a software training centre. If you are a beginner or experienced candidate, software training centres can always help you to clear your concepts right from the basics with complete industrial expertise. Moreover, learning and working with actual Python programmers is one of the best things to have in the journey of a Python learner. One such centre is Srishti Campus, where concepts are taught right from the beginning, ensuring quality and uncompromising training. Taking part online and offline is quite effective in training yourself in the most demanding programming language. 



Fri 04 Nov 2022

Srishti Campus signed yet another Memorandum of Understanding with AKM (Abdullah Kunju Memorial) Polytechnic College, Vadakkevila, Kollam. The institute established by Fathima Memorial Educational Trust is also recognised by the Government of Kerala. The pact signed between Srishti Campus and AKM college reinstates the values of career training, particularly focusing on software courses. The agreement is a platform for the students, college, and Srishti to fortify the industry’s glorious career growth and future-ready students. 

What does it promise? 

The Memorandum of Understanding with Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology is an agreement solidifying our corporate and technical training for its incredible pool of students who look forward to creating the best of their career, knowledge, and skills.

The college authorities and administration were kind enough to invite us to the program and give us the greatest opportunity to explain and exhibit what Srishti Campus has been doing for the past decade to build a promising career and future.  

To turn the agreement into a pragmatic achievement, our experienced trainers will impart their support and knowledge to the college’s first-year students until their graduation, including the final academic project. 

 The Srishti Campus positively anticipates creating an incredibly inquisitive environment in which students can think critically, analyze, and craft their engineering ideas into reality.


Thu 06 Oct 2022
srishti campus CRYSTAL YEAR AND MANY OTHER BEGINNINGS.. trivandrum

Srishti Innovative marked its fifteenth anniversary in the month of September, and it is indeed a thumping moment for all of us. With small and big wins by our side, we as an organisation look forward to shaping its future to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. 


In these rewarding years, our company has experienced a fantastic strength of staff, students, clientele relations, projects, and many other avenues to cherish and take pride in.


While turning the clock fifteen years back, there is a lot that the incredible team has achieved over here. Its erudite engineers could successfully develop more than 1700+ applications, 96+ client retention, and imprint their ingenious concepts for almost all industry verticals. 


Beginnings never ceased for Srishti Innovative as new ventures kept on incorporating to make the organization even bigger, stronger, and inspiring. Clinical Vista, Eduman, Schoolman, and Child Academy, are some of the features of the organization. Its aplomb and win ultimately come from the incessant support and hard work of the team and patriarchs. 


One of the essential wings of the organization has been Srishti Campus, a software training center that has placed more than 600 students till today. Equipped and supported by more than 40 dedicated trainers, its strength and quality have remained immaculate since its inception. Apart from that, a reciprocal tie-up with eminent colleges has bolstered Srishti Campus as a great place to learn software training.


 Apart from that, its corporate social wing, Pratheeksha, has also been working in the sensitive and fragile areas of society by helping them meet their basic needs. 


The HR and career training wing of Srishti Campus also ensures that college students are given a glimpse of corporate training and life skill sessions. 


Began as a web and mobile application company, Srishti has touched many segments of the industry with a focus on providing remarkable products and services. In a span of fifteen years, Srishti has surely achieved milestones that we never thought. In hindsight, the journey has truly been fruitful and inspiring to the team, industry, and to everybody who wishes to impact society through an organisation.