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Srishti Campus Inaugurates a Brand-New Office!

Mon 08 May 2023
srishti campus Srishti Campus Inaugurates a Brand-New Office!  trivandrum

Adding many more laurels to its career of 15+ years, Srishti Campus is growing to grand openings. The campus is now opening to a full-fledged space with a brand new office exclusively for students passionate about emerging and demanding technologies in the IT sphere. A complete office-like aesthetic with advanced quality training is what the campus looks forward to in the coming days and years.

The new office now promises a student-friendly campus with easy accessibility to every resource during the learning journey. The experienced and industry-facing exposure would also help students to have a glimpse at the real-world corporate feeling. The 20+ trainers will now be able to provide the best training to the candidates aspiring to learn and explore the scopes different companies offer. 

Srishti Campus offers courses, workshops, and project support to colleges and academic spaces. With the advent of the new office, we promise accessibility which would remain the best epitome of students as well as our success. 

The campus will be inaugurated on 2 May 2023, opposite Technopark's front gate. Reach us and be a part of this journey with our new office. Set your dreams as the distance to Kerala's biggest IT park is now less than you can imagine! 

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Learn Digital Marketing In 2023!

Mon 17 Apr 2023
srishti campus Learn Digital Marketing In 2023! trivandrum

You've probably seen people advertising brands or businesses online. Social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and other internet platforms are used for it, in order to reach a certain audience. This is what digital marketing is all about. 

It is a phenomenon in the current environment, with effects felt by all online users.

As a fast-growing sector, you may be interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing.


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Here are five reasons why learning digital marketing is important in 2023.


  1. It Is Simple to Start a Career

If you have the necessary certifications and expertise, you can begin a career in digital marketing.

Don't be concerned if you are now enrolled in the incorrect course. People with any bachelor's degree can learn digital marketing and get certified from the best online digital marketing centers. Working as a freelancer or intern can help you gain experience. Then you may shine in your career by following your passion.


  1. It is Really Diverse

Did you know that there are many roles available in digital marketing?

There is social media marketing (targeting clients through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, for example), e-mail marketing (brand promotions are done through emails), offline marketing (traditional marketing tactics such as advertisements), and influencer marketing (using a well-known expert in online marketing to promote brands).


  1. It is in High Demand

You are probably aware that many businesses are now expanding online. Businesses may only boost their profits by implementing numerous digital marketing strategies. As a result, there is a growing demand for professional digital marketers. This field offers numerous job opportunities, and it is a promising profession for you.


  1. It Has a High Earning Potential

Digital marketing is a very demanding occupation that pays well. Digital marketers with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)  and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising expertise can increase their revenue. Depending on your contract, you can increase your revenue through commission, profit split, bonus, and so on.


  1. It Fosters Entrepreneurship

You can start your own business using the digital marketing abilities you gained. You can increase your audience by digitally promoting your own business. You can benefit and expand your organisation by utilising numerous digital marketing tactics.

This blog might have helped you understand why learning digital marketing is important in 2023. Career opportunities are expanding as technology advances. Pursuing a career in digital marketing is a wise decision because it is a demanding field with a favorable work environment. Without further ado, take your next step towards digital marketing!

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Fri 31 Mar 2023

Software testing is one of the popular domains of the IT industry, and job opportunities for the same are always prevalent. Statistically speaking, software testing services in the US market size in 2023 is 8%, with a constant spike in demand. Srishti Campus provides the best software training institute in India. After studying software testing, there are several job opportunities available in the field of software testing. Some of the job scopes are as follows:

  1. Software Tester: As a software tester, you will be responsible for testing software products to ensure they meet functional and quality requirements. You will need to develop test cases, execute test plans, and report and document defects.
  1. Test Automation Engineer: As a test automation engineer, you will develop and maintain automated test scripts to improve the efficiency and coverage of the testing process.
  1. Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst: As a QA analyst, you will be responsible for ensuring that software products meet quality standards by developing and implementing quality assurance processes and procedures.
  1. Test Manager: As a test manager, you will be responsible for managing the testing team and ensuring that testing processes are followed to meet quality goals.
  1. Test Consultant: As a test consultant, you will provide testing expertise and guidance to clients to help them improve their testing processes and achieve better quality outcomes.
  1. Software Developer in Test (SDET): As an SDET, you will develop software products that are used to test other software products. You will need to have a strong understanding of software development and testing principles.

Overall, there are many job opportunities in the field of software testing, and the scope of the job depends on your interests, skills, and experience. Join Srishti Campus to experience the best software testing training in Trivandrum

What Are Bugs? Know Everything About Being A Software Tester!

Tue 28 Mar 2023
srishti campus What Are Bugs? Know Everything About Being A Software Tester!  trivandrum

Software bugs are the terms we often hear being used by IT professionals. As curious as it sounds, bugs are ideally the informal defects a software contains in the process of building and existence.

In other words, Bug is the name of defects that pop up when the application or software doesn't work properly. It usually happens when the developer mistakenly brings an error in the process of software or application development. Software bugs are usually caught during the testing phase of the software development life cycle. However, some of the bugs may go undetected during the testing phase. Software tester, who is responsible for checking on bugs, holds one of the critical  positions in any organisation that creates and develops software or applications. To become a software tester, join Srishti campus, the best software training institute in Trivandrum

How Does A Software Bug Occur? 


If the software bugs don't go through timely identification and checks, there are huge chances of the software getting crashed or locked up. For example, if one of the programs were to add sums together, the bugs would make them subtract, leading to a wrong solution.   

In the health industry, if the software reads errored commands with bugs, the radiation could lead to serious health consequences for the patient.  


Bugs That Made History! 


  • During the 1980s, bugs in the code controlling the radiation therapy machine Therac-25 led to patient deaths.
  • An on-board guidance computer bug caused a $1.0 billion rocket called Ariane 5 to explode seconds after launch in 1996.
  • Mariner I's flight software was corrupted in 1962, causing the rocket to change path from the expected path.
  • Many computers crashed when a bug was found in AT&T's software control #4ESS long distance switches in the 1990s.


How Are Software Identified? 


One of the most important phases of the software development life cycle is testing. Ideally, testing should occur after design, and it can occur both during the overall development process and after the design process has been completed. In order to ensure that the software or app operates as intended and that it remains stable during use, robust testing is needed. Bugs are identified and fixed during this testing period.

Identifying software bugs is made easier with a wide range of solutions available to software developers. Defensive programming solutions, for instance, help to identify typographical bugs and the unit testing methods facilitate the developer to test and function every part of the software.

Learning software testing opens up a strong career choice, helping one to ascend in the IT industry. To experience the best software testing training, Srishti Campus opens up opportunities for the best career.


Tue 28 Mar 2023

Software Testing is undeniably one of the popular courses to look at while establishing a career in the tech industry. In the changing times of technology and innovation, learn software testing, no more carries the conventional method. Moreover, it brings the scope of making a career successful. If you wish to become a software tester, join Srishti Campus for its effective classes. 

What Exactly is Software Testing

Software testing briefly signifies the process of testing and evaluating the functionalities of software to ensure whether the built one meets the client’s requirements. 

In the consecutive method, the software tester checks if the final product is error-free.

 Generally, there are two software testing methodologies used, namely manual and automation, along with different testing approaches and types. 

Srishti Campus is the best software testing training institute to pursue a career. 

Why is Software Testing Important

Software Testing is an imperative feature and functionality that can’t be missed if the business has to maintain a strong clientele relationship. Learn Software Testing course in Trivandrum

Some of the benefits that come under software testing include 

  1. Improvement of the quality of the product 
  2. Error-free software 
  3. Seamless accessibility 
  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction 
  5. Identifies defects 
  6. Increases scalability 
  7. Profitable 

How to Become a Software Develope

To become a software developer is a step-by-step process. In the process of becoming one, you need to keep these things in mind. 

  1. Identify your goals and aspiration 
  2. Upskill with a programming language 
  3. Develop your expertise or technology niche 
  4. Build a data or portfolio of your work and practices 
  5. Develop technical and non technical skills 
  6. Join courses 

To enhance all the above-mentioned skills, join Srishti campus for the best software testing training in Trivandrum