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iOS Mobile App Development Trends 2021

Tue 05 Oct 2021

The iOS development sphere is getting competitive with the influx of evolving technologies. Customer demands have also undergone huge transition where users are looking for efficient and user friendly applications. Here we compile a list of the recent trends that are to watch out for in the 2021 iOS application development.

1. Machine learning and AI

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning helps in the creation of iOS applications that are efficient, robust and engaging. Core ML framework helps iOS developers improve
user experience through image or text classification, speech or face recognition etc.

2. Wearable Apps

Wearable applications, particularly in the domain of healthcare and fitness, has taken the iOS industry quite by the storm. The pocket and mobility friendly devices has helped
users achieve fitness milestones or track health progress without an actual hospital visit.

3. Internet of Things

The prominence of IoT has improved the prospects of remote tasking during the pandemic. Future trends forecast a positive outlook for IoT where more applications with
competent frameworks will come into use.

4. Mobile Wallets

The dynamic ecommerce industry has prompted many users to rely on digital wallets. Recognizing the full swing of upcoming trends, iOS developers are on the pursuit of
developing wallets that can accord with the requirements of ecommerce users.

How To Update Php In WordPress

Wed 08 Sep 2021

WordPress, the most commonly used blogging platform is a favorite among bloggers and writers alike. Wordpress was built using PHP, the quintessential scripting language for the server side. Since its inception, WordPress has been updated several times. This means that if you are using an updated WordPress version and attempt to run it on an older PHP version, then chances of you running into problems are high.


This is why we need to update PHP to the latest available version, to ensure and enable a smooth and hassle-free running of applications. Srishti Campus provides the best php training in Trivandrum, Kerala. Come join to Srishti campus, and learn php training.


The other benefits of running WordPress on a latest version of PHP are improved security for your site, enhanced loading speed, and highly improved SEO. PHP being an open source programming language, it is easy to use and this also makes it vulnerable to attack by hackers. However, it would be a grave understatement to suggest that older versions of PHP like PHP 5 are devoid of security features. Updation just strengthens the already existing security features.


It is a no-brainer that any application or technology evolves over a period and the latest versions are always expected to run faster and more efficiently, Hence the updated PHP version in WordPress means that your site loading speed is automatically enhanced. Did you know that any website whose loading speed is greater than 6 seconds will suffer massively due to bounce rates? Meaning, your site’s loading speed should be less than 6 seconds else the chances are that 53% of users will lose patience and check out of your site.


It is no surprise that the site that loads faster will fare better in Google’s search results.

Now that we have addressed the “why” of the problem, let's dive into the “how” of it.


How to update PHP in WordPress?


Before updating PHP version, it is necessary to ensure the following steps

  • Taking a back-up for your website so that in case of an unexpected turn of events, no data in your website will be lost. A number of free backup plugins are available that a user can utilize to take back-up.
  • Updating WordPress themes and plugins
  • Checking and Ensuring PHP compatibility and fixing if there is a compatibility issue.


Updating PHP in WordPress

Once you have taken your website’s back-up, and all compatibility tests are diligently done and dusted, it is time to go to the updating task. The steps to update PHP version for your WordPress site are as follows-


  • Updating using the C panel- After logging into the Control Panel, search for “Select PHP Version” tab.
  • Click on Select PHP Version
  • The following page will give you the current PHP version.
  • From a drop down menu, select the version you want to update to, i.e. the latest version available. 
  • Click “Set as Current”.


Voila! And you have updated the PHP version.


But in case you cannot locate the control panel or the option to update PHP is not to be found, then the next practical step is to contact your hosting company who will either update the PHP version, or will give you the instructions to do the same.


The world of technology is constantly changing and every updated version comes with added features and enhanced performance. So, utilize the changes to the best and reap the benefits of every updated version. Lerarn php training from experts! Come join to Srishti campus, the best software training centre in Trvndrum.


Strings Arrays in Java-The Know Hows

Thu 05 Aug 2021

The most relied data structure on Java programming is arrays and it is touted as the most essential one. The productive and efficient characteristic of this data structure makes it a top rated one among Java programmers. The elements are stored in a contiguous memory space. Srishti Campus provides the best java training in Trivandrum.


String array explicitly refers the fixed set of string values that is represented in an array. Array lets the storage of only a specific set of elements. It is specifically an immutable object. The functioning of other array types and string arrays are similar.


Elements can be added to string array using any of the three methods such as new array creation, array list, and pre-allocation of array. Pre-allocation of array helps to stretch array elements and gives users access to array of bigger size.


Array list comes with Java collection framework. Array list can be used to add elements to string array. Creating a new array will also help users to create arrays of larger size.

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A short tour on Java History

Wed 23 Jun 2021


  • JDK Alpha and Beta (1995)

The first release of Java had high complaints of ABIs and APIs. The browser was WebRunner.

  • JDK 1.0 (1996)

This was the first stable release of Java. It was code-named Oak.

  • JDK 1.1 (1997)

Different add-ons of the version included JIT complier, RMI, AWT, JDBC, Java Beans.

  • J2SE 1.2 (1998)

Code named Platform, this Java release was an important version as it had enormous size.

  • J2SE 1.3 (2000)

Codenamed Kestrel, the add ons included Javasound, JNDI etc.

  • J2SE 1.4 (2002)

Merlin had improved library, IPv6 support, Perl regular expressions and logging APIs.

  • J2SE 5.0 (2004)

Tiger reflected J2SE’s security, stability, scalability and maturity. Many of the additions of this version included static imports, enhanced loops, enumerations, autoboxing etc.  

  • Java SE 6(2006)

Mustang had improved web support, support on scripting language, JDBC 4.0 support etc.

  • Java SE 7 (2011)

The add-ons included binary integer literals, compressed 64 bit pointers, JVM support.

  • Java SE 8 (2014)

Spider is the most common and resourceful version among coders.

  • Java SE 9 (2017)

The 9th version had to face many hurdles prior to its release. Finally, SE 9 was released in September 2017.

  • Java SE 10 (2018)

Released as a means to improve primitive forms of data, it included 12 features that were uncommon in others.

  • Java SE 11 (Upcoming)

This version is currently undergoing fixing of bugs.

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The highlights of Java Advanced Management Console (AMC)

Wed 23 Jun 2021

Java Advanced Management Console (AMC) offers users with greater autonomy while managing different java versions. It has also become a reliable tool to check updates and security features relating to Java-based solutions and applications.

The AMC comes with a lot of benefits that has made it an instant hit among java lovers. The greatest feature of AMC is the one to track usages. Users can immediately create an application compatibility inventory since the AMC instantly stores relevant information. AMC agent is immediately available to configure the respective usage tracking settings.

Another feature of AMC is the MSI customizations. Java Install Customizer tool is quite handy for system administrators who strive to control JAVA installations in different system settings. The recent AMC comes with Java SE Advanced, Java SE Subscription, and SE Advanced Suite. Users require to procure a commercial license.

The AMC also simplifies the setting up process, allowing Java Web-start and Java applets to run without the security prompts. Moreover, it has simplified the management process of system administrators. AMC lets them block applications that the organizations specifically does not wishes to see. The AMC comes with the following elements, AMC Database, AMC Collector and AMC UI.