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Experience the best online workshops on robotics, online artificial intelligence, and machine learning with us

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are among the most demanding careers of the 21st century. With a future building up for AI and Machine Learning, Srishti Campus is preparing for the skills that are future-ready and in demand. In return, upskilling AI and Machine learning will open the gateways for a dynamic career. Keeping it in mind, Srishti Campus specializes in providing glimpses of AI and Machine Learning with the help of experienced faculty.

What will you learn with our AI Course?

      ● Fundamentals of AI
      ● Futurescope of Artificial Intelligence
      ● What are its applications?
      ● Possibilities of AI in the organizations
      ● Python Programs with AI

Along with that, we also provide online artificial intelligence workshops and artificial intelligence project support to assist every other aspiring learner.

The specialization in Robotics will introduce you to several concept features associated with programming. Their perception of the environment, navigation, advancements, and many other in-depth features come under our package.

What will you learn with our Robotics Course?

      ● Sensoring
      ● Mirco Controllers
      ● Processors
      ● Embedded programming

Along with that, we also provide online robotics workshops through offline and online mode. We also assist candidates for robotics project support for colleges and schools