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Php Web Development

srishti campus Php Web Development trivandrum
  • 365 Hrs
  • 95% placement

Create a successful career as an PHP Developer. Master PHP Development today! Get placed!

Tags and its attributes
HTML Tables
HTML Forms & its Elements
Semantic Elements
Graphical Elements
Multimedia Elements
Input Elements & Attributes
IFrame tag & Marquee Tag
CSS Introduction
CSS syntax and CSS styling
CSS types(Internal, External and Inline)
CSS selectors
CSS Properties
Responsive Web Introduction
Bootstrap Installation-Usage of Bootstrap
Bootstrap Grid Structure
Bootstrap Forms
Bootstrap Tables
Bootstrap Containers
Bootstrap Webpage
JavaScript Introduction.
JavaScript file types
JavaScript syntax and statements
JavaScript Operators
JavaScript conditional and Logical statements
Javascript Functions
JavaScript Events
JavaScript Validation
Jquery Introduction
Jquery methods
Jquery syntax, selectors, events
Jquery effects
Jquery HTML, Jquery CSS, callback
PHP Introduction
PHP Syntax
Arithmetic Operators, Assignment operators
Comparison Operators, Logical Operators
Conditional statements
Loops and Functions
PHP arrays and Array Functions
Files introduction, file upload
Session, cookies
Mail Function and Date Function
OOPS Introduction
Database connection
Database design and normalization in detail
Different queries (Insert Select Update Delete) using MySQL
Different queries (Insert Select Update Delete) using MySQLi
SQL Constrains
SQL Default
SQL Check
Join queries

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Srishti Campus promises an enriching learning experience with the best online PHP course

At Srishti Campus, our faculty of experts promise not just a monotonous routine of classes but also a chance to get placed with 100% assistance with corporate training! PHP is popular for its extensive usage in coding every website. It is also one of the most widely used server-side scripting languages. With srishti, you will be learning the best of web building skill and a budding career as a programmer.

PHP in Detail

Being one of the most popular server-side languages, PHP expertise will invite multiple opportunities as a developer and programmer, simultaneously. This programming language is used widely to code websites. It is still preferred by most organizations as it handles forms correctly, checks on cookies and its variables, and restricts users from accessing specific web pages.

What do you get from Srishti Campus?

Our online PHP course with certificate provides our candidates with jobs and a career for the next generation. The Internship and Certificate courses open up a series of learning options to the candidates.

      ● Basics of PHP and OOP
      ● Configuration of APACHE
      ● Building and modification of PHP web pages
      ● COnfiguration of PHP functions with MySQL and Database
      ● RESTful servers with OOP and PHP

Who should join us?

      ● Students with a background of technical and professional knowledge/degree
      ● Career switchers with an interest in the field of Information and technology
      ● Teachers, trainers, working professionals who would like to upskill themselves and find their luck in the IT domain

Our Key Areas

      ● Online PHP Course with Certificate
      ● Interactive Demo Classes
      ● Individual Session/Training
      ● Placement Assistance
      ● Just-in-Time Interview
      ● 100+ course modules and packages
      ● Exclusive Job Portal
      ● Assistance from Industrial Experts
      ● Assessment Segments
srishti campus PHP Crash Course trivandrum

PHP Crash Course

  • 12000
  • 70 hrs
  • 95% placement

An extensive program to help you master the fundamentals of PHP.