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The Chatbot Trends to watch in 2021

Tue 09 Mar 2021

Firms have now become fully recognized for the amazing possibilities of chatbots. Seemingly, chatbots book meetings, offer support, collect information, and much more. Due to the endless dynamics of chatbots, 2021 will have new trends for them. So, what are they? Let’s take a look around with this article.

  1. Human intervention in chatbot conversations

Most customers may have reservations about talking to dull robots. Hence, firms have begun to recognize the importance of crafting messages that are appealing to customers. Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help the humanization process of chatbots easier.

  1. Expected growth of chatbots in messaging platforms

Integration of chatbots in messaging platforms invites many benefits for firms. Earlier, they had to hire employees to conduct live chats with prospective customers. However, chatbots save firms money and time.

  1. More customer-oriented relationships

Customer handling becomes quicker and easier with chatbots. Chatbots help firms in the customer retention process. They help organizations collect and aggregate consumer feedbacks quickly. This helps in a faster decision-making process.

  1. Internal workflows becoming more streamlined

Other than customers, chatbots can also improve employee engagement processes. Thereby, support agents can dedicate their time to more complicated tasks. Employees can rely on chatbots to clear their queries.

  1. HR processes such as recruitment: HR is becoming acquainted with the seeming possibilities of Chatbot integration in respective firms. Chatbots are becoming highly reliant on normative HR tasks such as filtering and screening candidates during the recruitment process can become lot easier with Chatbots.