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Upcoming trends for Internet of Things (IoT)

Wed 17 Mar 2021

Industry experts forecast IoT to have endless applications for the year 2021. Since its inception, IoT has grown exceptionally. It has become a diver for productivity and sustainability. With firms becoming more digitally empowered, the full scope of IoT is projected to expand further. Here are the latest IoT trends that you can watch out for the upcoming year:

  1. New trends of Internet of Behavior

The COVID pandemic forced firms to explore remote possibilities. Essentially, firms sought to become digitally empowered to remain operational in their respective environments. Moreover, firms are also becoming increasingly reliant on technologies to predict consumer behavior. IoT offers a people-centric approach to firms to market their activities.

  1. IoT investments in healthcare

Telemedicine offered numerous possibilities to clinicians to treat patients during tough pandemic times. Telemedicine offers clinicians the choice of treating patients remotely. Concurrently, IoT allowed Remote Patient Monitoring to be the new healthcare norm of the healthcare industry. Moreover, consumer interest also has grown in digital health devices. Experts posit a positive growth for digital health devices in the upcoming future.

  1. IoT applications in manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has begun to harness the possibilities of IoT. Remote operations have enabled firms to continue their activities even during quarantine conditions. Experts forecast that industries will incorporate more digitalization in their various functions.