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The highlights of Java Advanced Management Console (AMC)

Wed 23 Jun 2021

Java Advanced Management Console (AMC) offers users with greater autonomy while managing different java versions. It has also become a reliable tool to check updates and security features relating to Java-based solutions and applications.

The AMC comes with a lot of benefits that has made it an instant hit among java lovers. The greatest feature of AMC is the one to track usages. Users can immediately create an application compatibility inventory since the AMC instantly stores relevant information. AMC agent is immediately available to configure the respective usage tracking settings.

Another feature of AMC is the MSI customizations. Java Install Customizer tool is quite handy for system administrators who strive to control JAVA installations in different system settings. The recent AMC comes with Java SE Advanced, Java SE Subscription, and SE Advanced Suite. Users require to procure a commercial license.

The AMC also simplifies the setting up process, allowing Java Web-start and Java applets to run without the security prompts. Moreover, it has simplified the management process of system administrators. AMC lets them block applications that the organizations specifically does not wishes to see. The AMC comes with the following elements, AMC Database, AMC Collector and AMC UI.