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Strings Arrays in Java-The Know Hows

Thu 05 Aug 2021

The most relied data structure on Java programming is arrays and it is touted as the most essential one. The productive and efficient characteristic of this data structure makes it a top rated one among Java programmers. The elements are stored in a contiguous memory space. Srishti Campus provides the best java training in Trivandrum.


String array explicitly refers the fixed set of string values that is represented in an array. Array lets the storage of only a specific set of elements. It is specifically an immutable object. The functioning of other array types and string arrays are similar.


Elements can be added to string array using any of the three methods such as new array creation, array list, and pre-allocation of array. Pre-allocation of array helps to stretch array elements and gives users access to array of bigger size.


Array list comes with Java collection framework. Array list can be used to add elements to string array. Creating a new array will also help users to create arrays of larger size.

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