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Top 10 Advanced Java Interview Questions

Mon 23 May 2022

In the tech universe, knowing almost all the necessary scripts is an advantage. One of the essential languages to get hold of is Java, a programming language and computing platform released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. 

Twenty-five years of its existence has only strengthened its prominence in the programming arena. Today, it is used by nearly more than ten million developers across the globe. Hence, learning Java is worth every minute. Srishti Campus is the best Java Training Centre in Trivandrum, Kerala


Here are top-ten advanced java interview questions that can help you land the job of your choice. 

  1. What all platforms does Java support? 

It is a fundamental question that can be asked at every interview panel. Java is a language that runs on many platforms. The popular platforms that support Java include Windows, Mac OS, Linux UNIX, etc.  


  1. What exactly is Reflection? Explain with its uses. 

Java reflections are the runtime API used to inspect and change the behaviour of interfaces, methods, and classes. They help the user to make new objects, get field values, and call methods. It also analyzes classes, fields, interfaces, and methods in runtime. Reflection can also be used by debuggers to examine private members of classes. To learn more about such questions, Srishti Campus is the best online java training centre


  1. Why is Java an independent platform? 

Java is an independent platform because of its ability to run anywhere. In other words, the bytecodes can run on any system despite its underlying operations. Java Training Institution can help aspiring candidates learn more about the program


  1. What are Daemon Threads in Java? 

They are typically like service providers for other threads or objects running as daemon threads. Their importance arises when normal threads are executed, and the threads are otherwise used for background supporting tasks. 


  1. What is singleton? 

It is a class which permits only a single instance of itself to be created by giving access for its creation. It is primarily used when a user limits instantiation of classes to one subject. It also contains private and unique instances. It can be of immense help when a single object needs to coordinate actions across the system. 


  1. What is Java Servlet? 

The Java Servlet is a server-side technology designed to facilitate the extension of web servers by providing dynamic response and data persistence.


  1. Why is Java not Object Oriented? 

Java is the language that uses eight primitive data types ranging from char, int, char, boolean, float, short, double, long, and byte, and these are not objects. 


  1. What does Java Bean mean? 

Beans comprise the cardinal scope of the spring framework. It is managed by the Spring IOC container. 

  1. How is equals () different from = = in Java? 

The Object class in Java defines the Equals() method for comparing two objects defined by business logic. "Equal" or "= ="  is a binary operator provided by Java and used to compare primitives and objects. The implementation at the default stage uses the = = operator for the comparison of two objects. 


  1. What does multiple inheritance mean?                                                                                                                                                                                          As the name goes, it is a process by which multiple parent class properties are inherited by a child class. It is also known as the diamond problem and is, however, supported by Java.


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