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How to crack the code of PHP in an interview

Sat 11 Jun 2022

As a fresher with an engineering degree , understanding interview questions is quite critical. With many candidates attending interviews round the clock, the questions and strategies may vary every time. However, there are a certain set of ideas that never goes old. 

Let us dig into a few and understand how PHP interview questions are asked. 


  1. What is PHP? 


The full form of the acronym PHP was Personal Homepage. However, it is now called Hypertext Preprocessor. 7 popular versions of the language are widely used by many developers, with the first one being introduced 28 years ago. The latest addition has been the 8th version of 2022. 

It is basically an open-source service-side scripting language used for web development. On the other hand, PHP can also be used for general purposes for projects, including Graphical User Interfaces. 

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  1. What is PEAR in PHP ? 


In PHP, PEAR stands for "PHP Extension and Application Repository," which is a framework as well as a repository used for all the reusable PHP components. A developer can get an end number of libraries and PHP code snippets by providing a greater level of programming for web developers. 


  1. How are static and dynamic websites different? 


The content of the script can be changed at the runtime on the dynamic websites. On the other hand, it cannot be changed after running the script on static websites. 

The content on the dynamic websites is regenerated every time. At the same time, nothing can be changed on static websites. 

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  1. Tell us PHP is case-sensitive. 


Partially, PHP can be considered a case-sensitive language, but the function names are not. Its user-defined operations are not case-sensitive. However, the rest of the language falls under the category of case-sensitive. 

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  1. Who is the founder of the language? 

PHP was founded by Rasmus Lerdorf. He is also known as the father of PHP. 


  1. Can you name some popular frameworks of PHP ? 


Some of the commonly used and popular frameworks of PHP are Codelgniter, Yii 2, Symfony, CakePHP, FuelPHP etc. 

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