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Did you know that an Academic Internship can land you a job?

Fri 17 Jun 2022

Have you ever been puzzled by what to do after your engineering degree? The academic internship is an indisputable answer. It provides newly graduated students with a gateway to the tech companies of the market. The real-time experience in a working environment will help the students to get an idea about work culture. 

Here are a few things you need to note down while joining an internship. 


  1. Exposure: Let's break the ice. Working in a corporate IT  company is not easy. Work pressure and hands-on experience would rather help you to excel at work. It is when internships come into play. Exposure to mini and academic projects will help the candidate to sail smoothly with the work structure. Organizations like Srishti Campus help students to groom by providing hands-on training before stepping into the IT universe. 


  1.  Add on to resume: Academic interviews provide you with an experience with the work structure. Once gained, they can be added to your resume. It boosts your resume and paves the way to land your dream job with ease. The certification provided adds immense value to the juncture of your career. Srishti campus, situated at Technopark, Trivandrum, helps you with all the factors needed to get the right job. Their certified pieces of training are a perk. 


  1.  Upgrade your skill: There is no other way than an academic internship to learn and own a skill. By exposing yourself to all the challenges, you will be eventually upgrading and enhancing new skills. Coming out of your comfort zone is a necessity in a working environment, and internships help you get through it. 


  1.  Budding networks: Once you are out of college, networks are essential for a job, and internships provide you with many of them. They help you to establish networks with professionals that turn into useful areas in your career. Reference, testimonials, relationships, and even recommendations from the internship help you get the job you searched for.