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Top Angular Interview Questions for Freshers to make you look Confident!

Tue 28 Jun 2022

After getting trained as an Angular developer, the next step is to grab the best opportunity. Cracking interviews is one major step in getting your dream job as an Angular developer

The interviews test not only your subject knowledge but also your presence of mind. 

To confidently face interviews, proper grooming is necessary, and this can be offered by some of the best software training institutes

On the other hand, here are some of the popular questions asked in an interview if you are a fresher and angular developer


  1. What do you understand about Angular? 


Angular is a framework based on TypeScript, which is alhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1cBc8D4vW5HE6x1cXdeQ5F6E6-yHSXnj6w0umA9diFJ8/edit?usp=sharingso an open-source web application. It was developed and maintained by Google along with easy and powerful methods of building front-end-web-based applications. 

Angular uses HTML syntax to clearly express the application components with clarity.


  1. What are the main uses of Angular? 


The Angular framework is ideally used to create Single Page Applications or SPA. The framework provides modules that are ready-to-use. These modules further help in simplifying the development of applications that are of a single page. Angular is also regarded as a full-fledged web framework because of features like type safety, modular CLI, built-in data.


  1. Can you explain some of the services available with Angular? 


Services are basically the singleton objects present in Angular, in the instance for once in the timeline of an application. The Angular service has methods in maintaining the data throughout  the application. The first and foremost task of the Angular service is to prepare and share business logic, data, and models with the features of angular application. 

To learn the in-depth about Angular, some of the best software training centres help the way out. 


  1. What templates are used in Angular? 


HTML is used as a template for the Angular framework. The reason behind using the template is its Angular- specific elements and attributes. To have a dynamic view to the user, the HTML templates are clubbed with the information that comes from the model and controller. 


  1. Can you explain some advantages and disadvantages of Angular?


Here are some of the advantages of Angular: 


  1. Excellent community support
  2. Comes with exceptional features like animation and event handlers 
  3. It is supported by an MVC pattern
  4. Can add a custom directive 


Here are some of the disadvantages of Angular: 


  1. The dynamic applications might not perform good all the time 
  2. Becoming an expert in Angular takes good time and work 
  3. SPA’s that are complex can make it laggy. 


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