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Why is Python Programming popular in 2022?

Mon 18 Jul 2022

Are you thinking of trying your hands at software training? Then the options are multiple today. Of the series of options available, Python is the most demanding career of the present day. For its apparent reasons, this programming language has gained popularity among engineering and non-technical graduates and career switchers. 

Its ease of use and versatility is why people seeking IT jobs chose Python. Before explaining further in-depth, let us brief you about the program. 


What is Python ? 


Python is a prevalent programming language that fits beginner as well as experienced programmers. It is in fact a high-level and general-purpose programming language used for even contemporary technologies like machine learning, data science and game development. 

Undoubtedly, Python is a hot cake in the IT industry. Adding to this, learning and gaining expertise in the language can open doors to a career spike and greater opportunities. To make a beginning, the Srishti campus is one of the best software training centers that provide both online and offline python training centre in Trivandrum

Here are the reasons why Python is the most in-demand programming language of 2022. 


  1. Easiest language out there 


When Python programming was created in the 1980s, its founder Guido Van Rossum ensured that the newly designed programming language came with ease of use. Its easy syntax and lesser complexity are a reason why Python is always in-demand. 

 In fact, anybody without in-depth knowledge of the language can learn it because of its easy syntax and similarity to the English language. 

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  1. Numerous frameworks and libraries 


Having a lot of frameworks and libraries always helps a developer to make a task easy and faster. The developers accordingly use these frameworks and libraries effectively. Python designs multiple frameworks and libraries for fields like Pandas, Bokeh, PyTorch, etc. 


  1. A huge helping community 


  If you are somebody who needs a brushup and has very less idea about Python programming, do not worry. Python has one of the most supportive and elaborate communities of developers out there. The community often answers the language-specific encounters. The quick answers from them often lead to faster and long-lasting results. 


  1. Data Science, AI, Machine Learning and Python 


Used in almost all fields, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can never be ignored. It is, in fact, heavily used in data science as it contains special libraries that can make data science even more effective. The frameworks and libraries used range from NumPy, Selenium, Pillow, Madmom, and the like, 

When it comes to machine learning and algorithms, Python makes analysis tasks efficient and has an excellent base of algorithms and functions. 

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