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An MOU to Support, Experience, and Uplift

Wed 27 Jul 2022

It was yet another benchmark for Srishti Campus in its flourishing career of fourteen years. We signed an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding, with one of the leading technical colleges of Kerala, The Younus College of Engineering and Technology. With this agreement, the campus has not only signed in for excellent training and experience, but also a space that promises career growth, a bright future, and future-ready students for the industry. 


What does it Promise? 


The Memorandum of Understanding with Younus College of Engineering and Technology (YCET) is an agreement solidifying our corporate and technical training for its incredible pool of students who look forward to creating the best of their career, knowledge, and skills. 

The college authorities and administration were kind enough to invite us to the program and give us the greatest opportunity to explain and exhibit what Srishti Campus has been doing for the past decade to build a promising career and future.  


To turn the agreement into a pragmatic achievement, our experienced trainers will impart their support and knowledge to the college's first-year students until their graduation, including the final academic project. 


Srishti Campus positively looks forward to creating an amazing yet inquisitive space for the students to think critically, analyze, and craft their engineering ideas into live ones.