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Artificial Intelligence- The Trends and Possibilities of 2021

Fri 26 Feb 2021

Artificial intelligence is holding huge potential for 2021. Though the ongoing COVID pandemic had altered life situations, the possibilities for AI are endless for the upcoming year. Presently, innovative technologies like IoT, robotics, big data have set their sights on AI.

                  Other than the huge potential of AI in the technology sector, AI will have a huge impact on business undertakings. AI can expand the organizational working of the firm through customized manufacturing, holographic meetings, and simulative environments.

                   Rohan Amin, the CIO of Chase sets high hope for AI in 2021. According to him, “In 2021, we will see more refined uses of machine learning and artificial intelligence across industries, including financial services. There will be more noteworthy incorporation of AI/ML models and abilities into numerous business operations and processes to drive improved insights and better serve clients.”

Trends in AI

  • The artificial intelligence of things (AIoT)

         The artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) combines AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve the data connectivity of devices. Simply put, AIoT makes lives easier for users. Technologies like smart office technology allow users to make critical decisions at the snap of their fingers.

  • Hyperautomation

         The integration of AI with robotic process automation will transform upcoming digital applications. The ongoing pandemic scenario has proven the necessity of automation in workplaces. Since hyper-automation is an up-gradation of automation,

  • Cybersecurity AI

          Cybersecurity has become an increasing concern as technologies are updated. Therefore, sophisticated technological inventions like cybersecurity AI can improve the dynamics of security and privacy.

  • AI-enabled chips

            The processing power requirements of AI devices are much more complicated than non-AI devices. 2021 will see the production of AI chips that can fulfill the requirements of AI devices.


Latest updates in AI

             Thanks to AI, researchers could only roll out vaccines for human testing, mere three months after initial COVID case reports. Researchers were able to process specifications of the COVID virus with innovative AI technology. AI has improved the rollout of robotaxis and helped enable automatic driving. Well, AI has sure lot more to offer in 2021.